December 3, 2016 • 10am - 3pm

The Artist Market is a celebration of creativity produced by the
of Grace Midtown for our city and community.

In the very first poem in Genesis we find that one of the
most fundamental characteristics of God is that he is a Creator,
and that He has made us to create with Him. Therefore we have the
God-given impulse within each one of us to create, engage with and be inspired by the creative art of others.

We hope this event is a blessing to you as an artist.
We want to provide exposure for you as well as an opportunity for the creative community at Midtown to grow together.

vendor Requirements:

• You consider Grace Midtown your home church

• You will agree to participate in either the set-up or
tear-down of the event. (These times and expectations
will be clearly communicated with you ahead of time.) 

• You will participate in the promotion and advertising
of the event through email, social media and/or other platforms
to spread the word to your community.