We were made to live in community.

At Grace Midtown we do that through HousechurcheS.
a space where we truly engage with what it means
to be the body of Christ.


There is a limit to how deeply you can connect with people at a Sunday gathering, so Housechurch is the space where we engage with what it means to be the body of Christ. We share meals, worship, read Scriptures and learn to live "missionally" in our neighborhoods, workplaces and campuses.

Housechurch is the place where you can be honest.
Where you can be fully known.

When we look at the New Testament church in the book of Acts, we see a vibrant community living their real lives together as they met in the temple courts and in their homes. Housechurch is also the place where we discover that God wants to use each of us in his mission. As we grow as disciples of Jesus, we realize that we all have special gifts that can uniquely serve the church and the world, and we all have a special role to play.


Housechurch communities have been formed all throughout the city of Atlanta. From the north to the south, there is sure to be one that is in your community.

If you'd like to get connected in a Housechurch near you, please email midtownhousechurch@gfc.tv.