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Our internships are designed to give you real work experience and personal development you can take into any job or career. It is our hope that our interns and apprentices will become empowered leaders living the Kingdom life in this city and the cities of the world.

Our internships are for one or two semesters and highly autonomous. There will only be 10-15 hours in your work week, including one fixed meeting day (often Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the semester). Ideally, these positions are best suited for college-age who live in Atlanta. For more information and to apply, email


Graphic Design Intern:

The Graphic Design Intern is responsible for creating visual communications consistent with our brand and identity for digital or print use across various mediums in social media, web, teachings, conferences, events, etc. Applicant should have access to Adobe Creative Suite and be proficient in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Design Interns work directly under our Lead Graphic Designer.

3-6 Custom Presentations (Member Gatherings)
Website Graphics
Booklets for Conferences, Teaching Series
Social Media posts (almost 1 per day)

Photography intern:

The Photography Intern is responsible for creating visual imagery for digital and print across various mediums on social media, web, teachings, conferences, events, etc. This position requires working on a variety of projects while meeting necessary deadlines and using quality equipment and skill to capture indoor/outdoor moments to tell the stories of Grace Midtown. Should have access to and be proficient in Lightroom.

journalism intern:

The Journalism Intern is responsible for research, writing, editing, proofreading and filing new stories for use on social media, blogs, or other communication mediums. They do so by scheduling and conducting interviews, attending events, and researching existing information to write copy for use across all platforms. By gathering together a number of different sources and ensuring that all the arguments are represented, they keep their audience abreast of events in their world.

film/VIDEO intern:

The Film Intern communicates content through story-telling, sound, and visuals by assisting in all aspects of video. They must be able to plan and storyboard, as well as handle the logistics from shooting to editing and publishing videos. 

social media intern

The Social Media Intern is continuously generating content, creating new ideas and campaigns, and measuring how effective those ideas are. They work with other creatives in the organization, such as graphic designers, photographers, and journalists to coordinate their campaigns with other initiatives and fit into the overall marketing and promotional goals of the organization. A good social media manager always looks for the latest trends online, making sure that they are keeping up with public shifts in media attention.