EHS - Ch. 10

Do you live off of someone else's spirituality rather than experiencing and knowing God for yourself?

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Chapter 10 is all about taking ownership of our own spiritual walk with God,  compiling all that we have learned throughout this book to develop a Rule of Life.

Scazzero writes, "A Rule of Life, very simply, is an intentional, conscious plan to keep God at the center of everything we do (pg.196)."

What is your current Rule for developing your spiritual life? 

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We encourage you to first identify your current plan/rhythm that is in place for growing your spiritual life.  This might be unconscious, so give yourself time and space to reflect on this.  Below are a few questions to help you get started.  

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- What do you value and prioritize in your spiritual life?  House church?  Small group?  Morning devotional?
- What are your current spiritual practices?  Morning prayer?  
- Are you on autopilot most days?  Going through the motions?
- Do you feel anchored in the love of God throughout your day?  If so, what anchors you?
- Do you live off of someone else's journey and spiritual life (through books, podcasts, articles, etc) rather than experiencing God for yourself?

Now that you have identified what is, we encourage you to dream about what could be as you begin to develop your own, unique Rule of Life to move forward.  Scazzero suggests a list of 12 elements to include in your Rule of Life (pg. 199).  Remember, you are God's own unique work of art.  Your Rule will look differently than your spouse's, roommate's, friends', etc.  You may want to include elements that he doesn't talk about, or not include some that he suggests...that is totally, 100% OK.  

Below are 4 suggestions to help you as you begin to develop your own Rule of Life:

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1.  Take your time.  Start with implementing only 1 or 2 elements for the first month or so.  This will involve a lot of trial and error, discovering what works best for you and what doesn't.

2.  Know yourself.  What spiritual practices bring you closer to God?  Which drive you away from him or distract you?

3.  Take care of your whole self.  Scazzero doesn't just include elements like prayer and solitude, but also ones like play & recreation, as well as care for your physical body & emotional health.  God is in everything, speaking to you through everything, including your physical body and fun.   

4.  Do not go alone.  Identify 2-3 people to invite into this process, to be part of this journey with you.  People to encourage you, as well as hold you accountable to your Rule.

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We hope that your journey this Summer through this book does not end where the pages end, but only prompts you to further discovery.  Further discovery of who God is and who you are in Him.  Below are some next steps to help you continue on this journey:

1. Formation Counseling  
If you would like a safe place to process further and deeper, we recommend these professional counselors, licensed in a variety of areas.  You can contact them at 678-326-8937.

2.  Additional Resources
"Boundaries" Cloud and Townsend
"Rising Strong" Brene Brown
"To be Told" Dan Allender  
"Ragamuffin Gospel" Brennan Manning
"Problem of Pain" CS Lewis

3.  Pastoral Care
We as a staff are available to answer any questions or provide any guidance as you continue this journey.  Please email for more info.


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Remember from the final sermon from our Summer series, death died when Christ was resurrected, and the sting of death is sin.  This means that we can change, we can grow, we can become new people.  Every time you choose to love, choose to use your power for good, choose to gather at the table with those who are different from you, you are living proof and  evidence of the life to come, which is all a work of the Spirit.

We want to close with the final words from the book. This is our prayer for each of you.

May God give you the courage to faithfully live your unique life in Christ.  And may love invade you.  It will never fail to teach you what you must do.