Good Friday - The Way of the Cross


As we journey through Passion Week and approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we want to encourage you to create some space in your communities and in your personal time this week to process the way of the cross. It’s easy for many of us to want to skip ahead to Sunday, to the resurrection, to the fulfillment of the promises of God. It’s true that Jesus is alive today, and he has raised us up with him and seated us in heavenly places, but we also live in the tension of our current lives. Of yet-to-be-fulfilled promises. The now, but not yet of the Kingdom of God. For this reason, it is important for us to pause as we approach the cross of Jesus.


At the cross, God meets all of the parts of our lives and our world that are not what they could, or should, be. At the cross, God finds us in our pain, in our doubts, in our confusion, in our weakness, in our sin. At the cross, through the suffering of his son, God stands in solidarity with all who are suffering and all who have ever suffered, especially those who have suffered at the hands of violent men.


This, perhaps, is why Friday is worthy to be called “Good.” On Good Friday, we are given the revelation of a Good God. A God who would come to us, just as we are, and meet us in the mess. In the questions. In the now and not quite yet.


Sunday is coming. The grave is empty. But let us pause this week and consider the suffering of our savior, and in so doing, we may just discover him in parts of our lives that we would never have expected.


Questions to Consider

1. Who in our world is suffering the most? How can you pray for them this week? What would you say to them about the suffering savior who moves toward those on the margins?

2. What part of your life have you been temped to view as unapproachable to Jesus? How is he revealing himself in that place this week?

3. What in your life must experience a necessary death on Friday in order to experience a real, lasting resurrection on Sunday?